Picard Healthcare Group was founded in 1987 in Taiwan and started investing in China since 1989. Picard Healthcare Group is a designer, manufacturers, and exporter of medical air mattress, mask, protective coverall, for hospital and nursing home uses.

Picard Healthcare Group has been granted 15 global invention patents and many other patents under process for medical equipment and medical supply, the patents cover US, Europe, China, Japan, Russia, Taiwan, and India.

*PATENT INFORMATION : https://picardhealthcare.com/patents

Picard now has 500 workers, 5 designers, 25 electrical engineers, mechanical structure engineers, production and quality control engineers.

The management team is based on Taiwan management system and concept to have good and modernized communication with customers from US, Europe and other global customers. Picard Healthcare Group also has several jointed venture investment partners to extend the coverage of more medical supply in the past 10 years.

Our main products are medical supply covering:

  • Medical air mattress with 21 popular invention models,
  • Face protection – Disposal Mask, KN95 Mask, Face Shields, Goggles
  • Body protection – Patient Gown, Surgical Gown, Coverall for Medical supply
  • Hand protection – Hand Alcohol Gel 70%, Glove, Heated Glove for winter
  • Feet protection – Foot Solution Products.

We are a leading producer of medical and consumer protective products and other medical products. As of the outbreak of COVID-19, we, Picard Healthcare Group, are supplying many global customers with Picard’s best quality and service to meet this urgent crisis situation.